As one of the original members of the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Mark ushers in a new generation to the world’s great concert halls and brings the power, flash, and excitement that 21st century audiences expect. The concert program includes Mark’s show-stopping music, as well as his rock arrangements of the greatest classical music repertoire and well-loved holiday music.

Trained at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music, Mark has recorded and toured with Billy Joel, Celine Dion, and Kanye West, among others. Mark’s stellar reputation has been built on his high-octane performances and he displays an equally powerful fervency towards music advocacy and music education. He showcases his talents of connecting the orchestra, community, and schools in 1-2 week residencies. From the Quad City Symphony, Moorhead Symphony, Oshkosh Symphony, Jacksonville Symphony, and many others, Mark brings great energy to uplifting the overall symphony experience.

The same disregard for the arts that negatively impacts our schools and which fuels Mark’s passion for music advocacy also damages our local Symphonies, Orchestras and Philharmonics. Mark would love to visit your area to help rejuvenate the local music community and focus attention back to orchestral performance and its everlasting ability to enrich the lives of audiences. Without exception, every one of Mark’s performances with symphony orchestras have yielded tremendous results and excellent feedback.

How it Works

Once your Rock Symphonies experience is booked, prior to Mark’s arrival, we provide you with full scores of his classic rock arrangements as well as some of Mark’s original compositions. Mark arrives at your location at least two days before the scheduled performance date to rehearse alongside the orchestra, assuring communication is present between everyone involved. The performance combines the unparalleled musicianship found in classical music with the dynamic performance techniques synonymous with rock. This produces a truly unique and vibrant experience. These performances are well suited for fund raising and can provide positive publicity for your program.

The show resonates with people of all ages, enabling orchestras to reach new audiences and ensuring their continued success. It is vital that future generations have continued access to the many Symphonies, Orchestras and Philharmonics that consistently better our lives.